Let Me Show You How To Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales, While Writing Far Less Content…

You ever feel like your content just isn’t working?

Sure it gets a few leads but lets be honest here…

  • You put in the time,
  • do the research,
  • and write your best but nothing happens.

Nothing game changing anyway.

Its enough to make you want to stop writing all together right?

But the worst part?

You see all these other companies using content to grow, and they are CRUSHING it, so you KNOW it works:

$300,000 dollars a month- all generated with their content!

Its frustrating right?

Just what are they doing that you’re not?

Whats their secret?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is, so you don’t have to find out the hard way like I did…

The best part?

It works:

  • Even if you suck at writing,
  • Even if you’ve never seen results from content before,
  • Even if you don’t know the first thing about ‘content’ and ‘content promotion’.

Thank God For My Nan (And Google Plus)

You might have heard me tell this story before.

The thing is?

You only know half of it…

A few years back I decided to go all in on content marketing.

I slaved away at my desk for over 80 hours on an article, with only my cat for company.

This was it.

I had done everything I was supposed to, and this was the best article I had ever written.

Can you guess what happened?

It got 2 measly social shares…

2 shares for over 80 hours of work!

And the worst part?

  • One share was ME to my own Google Plus account
  • And the other share was from my Nan…

At this point I didn’t even want to look at my keyboard again.

Fortunately for me, I’m kind of stubborn.

Rather than give up, I sat down to figure this all out.

I’m so glad I did…

Fast forward to around 6 months later , and I wrote a new article for a brand new website:


I finished the draft, hit publish and then reached out to a friend to let them check it out before I crashed for the night.

(I’ve never told anyone before, but there was a strategy behind this…)

My buddy was in another time zone and I *thought* he was going to read it and give feedback.

I’m a pretty good writer, so why would I ask him for feedback?


So let me explain:

When someone is involved in the creation of something, they want it to succeed, simply because they value it more.

It’s called the ‘ikea’ effect.

People value things that they had a hand in creating, far more than if they were not involved.

The crazy thing is?

This is a great way to get an influencer invested in your content, so that they hopefully share and link to it.

Sneaky eh…

So I went to bed after sending the email, expecting some further feedback on my new guide.

But he didn’t give me any more feedback…

He enjoyed it so much that he decided to share my post for me on a huge marketing forum as a surprise!

I should mention that my buddy is also a pretty big influencer in that forum.

Why does that matter?

Because I may not have had my audiences attention at the time, but he sure did.

That’s when things went a little crazy…

I woke up to over 19,000 views of that article.


The post wasn’t even ‘finished’ yet!

There were a few typos, some placeholder images and no email capture at all.

But it didn’t matter…

Within the week it was the number #1 post on the forum.

By the end of week #2?

It had driven 50,000 visitors to my brand new site, along with 300 client requests…

(At around $10,000 per campaign, that was a cool $3 Million Dollars in client requests!)

Even better?

I learned my lesson and quickly made sure that the content started to collect leads.

And because of that?

It still gets traffic, leads and applications to this day, years later…

In fact?

I will often wake up to a burst of new leads and a spike in traffic, all from an influencer finding our content and sharing it with their audience.

So what was the difference?

Why does this content continue to do well long after I wrote it, but the previous content only got 2 shares?…


I started to focus on creating content that converts, but not only that?

I learned how to actually promote it…

Learning how to write AND promote high converting content, is the single most powerful way to grow your audience and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, an agency, an SMB or even an experienced writer:

This is how you FINALLY grow with content

The Results So Far…

A lot of people will tell you its all about content volume.

“You have to create a lot of content to be successful”

They are wrong…

With only 8 blog posts in 2 years, we’ve had:

  • The Top #10 content of ALL TIME on Inbound.org.
  • The Top #10 content of 2017 AND 2018 on GrowthHackers.
  • Content shared or referenced by Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Glen Alsopp, Copy Chief, Co-Schedule, Joanna Weibe and even the CEO of Microsoft…

Pretty cool right?

But influencer’s and forums are just part of the promotion process…

(They are great for traffic spikes but not for sustained long term growth)

And so by working in SEO and linkbuilding also, our latest article is now getting free traffic, week after week.

How’s it doing?

In the last 3 months its gone from zero views in Google, to 30,000+ and we haven’t even finished promoting it yet!

Not bad right?

That’s free traffic that’s growing month after month!

It gets better still.


Because the content is so effective, it means we can drive paid traffic to it, and still see a profit…


  • $230 spent promoting the article so far
  • Leads for $1.50 each
  • $12,000 in sales tracked back from those ads

All from promoting just ONE article.

Mind blown yet?

And I know what you’re thinking…

So How Did We Figure All This Out?


It took a LOT of time and effort.

I read book after book and fully nerded out.

Rather than just learn ‘how to write’, I learned what actually drives us as human beings:

  • What makes us tick?
  • Why do we share things at all?
  • What grabs our attention, pulls at our emotions and gets us to take frigging action?

And no…

Not just things that go viral for the sake of it and attract the wrong audience, or sleazy ‘click bait’ hacks that work for a week.

But the nuts and bolts behind the psychology of it all…


Then I got frustrated.


Because I knew I had to promote my content if I wanted people to see it, and so I read every article I could find about content promotion.

(aka the actual marketing part of content marketing…)

The only problem?

They would mention a method but not actually HOW to do the thing.

If I had to read one more frigging list post with single sentences of ‘Run a Facebook ad’, or ‘Share to your email subscribers‘, I was going to lose my god damn mind.

So that’s when I said ‘sod it’

The only way to figure it all out, was to get my hands dirty and get in the trenches.

So that’s what I did.

After months of work and tens of thousands of dollars spent, I started to figure it all out.

I implemented every method I could find…

I would test what works, improve on it and then cut the rest.

I then took these tests and built an internal training program.

It was a system of processes for our team to follow, use, and get results.

How did they do?

We hired a new intern who’s previous marketing experience involved selling cookies door to door.

(And lets be honest, those things sell themselves.)

She had never written a post before, ran an ad or had any idea what SEO was.

But within a few weeks of training?

She went on to get links and shares from some of the biggest digital blogs in the industry…

Not bad right?

People saw our results and kept asking us how we were doing it, so we improved the program and then took 40 of our readers through it…

Case Study: From Single Digit Traffic To 5,000 Readers In A Week

Gigi Rodgers is a full time content writer for a software company, who also freelance writes and edits for her own site

After joining the Amplify Content Academy she’s been CRUSHING it.

Taking action, making mistakes, and getting results.

What kind of results?

Within just 30 days of joining she was headhunted for positions with major Fortune 500 companies in her industry…

Can you imagine that?

Promoting an article you wrote and instead of crickets or ‘No Thanks!’, but people loving what you wrote so much that they try to steal you to work for their company instead!

Crazy right?

We’re not just talking small blogs either

How about offshoots of Hubspot…

Or working with celebrities like Rainn Willson?


Pretty crazy right?

We asked Gigi to share her story with you:

The 5 Things That Cause Content To Fail…

It wasn’t always easy.

I had to make a lot of mistakes before we figured all this out.

When we break it down, there were 5 major mistakes that were causing our content to crash and burn.

If you want your content to work for you?

Then you need to overcome these problems too…

Mistake #1: You Are Not A Media Company

Human beings are hardwired to copy what we see.


Because by finding and copying patterns, it helped us to survive in the wild.

Since then, we’ve evolved to use patterns to simplify our lives.

It makes sense right?

If you can find something you want, then copying how someone else got the result can help you get the same thing.

But the thing is?

We have to be careful WHO we copy…

Let me explain

When we’re reading online, its usually 2 types of content:

  • Educational i.e it helps you learn and solve an issue, or
  • Entertainment.

The problem?

We copy those entertainment sites and what they do with their content.

Why care?

Because these guys have a totally different business model to you!

They get paid via onsite advertising.

Every eyeball that sees an advert on their website, nets them a few cents.

And so what do they do?

Rather than get new readers or create quality content, they focus on bringing the same reader back 10 times per day.

This means they churn out a whole heap of weak content, because they don’t care if it converts.

This is actually good news for you.


Because your business model is different, it means that you DON’T have to be writing all the time to get results.

Its not about volume.

Its about depth and getting your readers to take action…

Mistake #2: Entertaining, Not Automating

Once we get stuck in a habit, it can be hard to break out of it.


Its hard to even see it happening.

If you’re caught having to write all the time otherwise you won’t get traffic this week, then it can be scary to stop.

But here’s the thing:

You are far better off going out and finding NEW readers and bringing them to your old content, then you are just writing new content for the same people all the time.


Because new readers = new customers.

People think that you need to keep interacting with your audience to make the sale.

And sure, that is true.

You do need a few interactions to move them to becoming a customer.

But the thing is?

You DON’T need to be writing new content each week, to make those interactions happen!


You simply write a series of content that helps them convert into a customer, and then you automate it so that this series gets sent to each new reader.

That’s how you can step away and still grow.

The trick of course is getting those new readers to come to you…

Mistake #3: Shotgun Marketing Strategy

There’s so many promotion channels out there, that it can be kind of overwhelming.

  • SEO,
  • Paid Ads,
  • Forums,
  • Influencers
  • Press etc

Even then, each channel has multiple variations and platforms…

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads- the list goes on

So the question becomes:

Just where should you spend your time to market your content?

All of them?

None of them?

Well the truth is that every channel out there can help you grow, but they all have strengths and weaknesses.

The trick is knowing which channels to use, and when.

The best part?

You don’t need to use all of them

But you DO need to use more than one, if you want to sidestep those weaknesses…

Mistake #4: Its Not Inbound Vs Outbound…

There’s a big disconnect in the marketing space.

The inbound guys just want to write content so that people will come to them.

The outbound guys?

They’ll do outreach and ads all damn day, but they’re not actually building assets that help them grow.

Its ‘Hunting’ vs Farming’

But the thing is?

They’re both doing it wrong…


Because you need a blend of both if you want to succeed and bypass those weaknesses.

Let me explain:

If all you do is outbound sales, then eventually you’ll fail.

Get sick or try to take time off, and you don’t make any money that week.

Not only that?

But you’re selling one to one, not one to many.

Even if you focus on paid ads, each channel is making it harder to succeed.

You can’t just send them straight to a squeeze page anymore…

Likewise inbound alone is madness!


Because it can take months of work to see results from SEO and so that content?

It does nothing for you, if no one is seeing or reading it yet.

In a recent study by Ahrefs, they found it could take 120 days just to get to page #1 rankings.

120 days!

And lets face facts here:

Until you get to page #1, you’re not going to get much traffic in the mean time…

So what can you do?

Well imagine if didn’t just stick to just one promotion method?

What if you could create long term content assets that rank and get traffic in Google.

Better still?

What if you could also promote that content to a brand new COLD audience, but at a profit?

This means you can get traffic while you wait for it to rank.

Better still?

It means you can scale out to people who don’t even know about you yet- before they even start searching in Google.

Before they even know what problem you solve…

All while using content to make your life easier.

Pretty cool right?

And that’s just 2 promotion methods!

Imagine if you used a few other channels so you could guarantee that you would get traffic on day #1 that the article goes live?

#5: Going Alone Without A Guide

Here’s something crazy…

A study was done by scientists at Max Plank University in Germany.

Its goal?

To see how we respond, when we lack direction.

Here’s how it worked:

They sent people out to areas that lacked natural landmarks, such as deserts and forests. Places where the landscape looked the same, for as far as they eye could see.

The scientists then left the subjects to find their own way out, and would track them via GPS.

Do you know what happened?

The test subjects would walk for about a mile in a straight line towards a direction they had chosen, but then?

Then it gets a little weird…

Lacking a specific landmark to help anchor them, they ALL started to walk in circles.

Every person on every test.

They would get so far, and then just start circling back to where they had been.

(Some of them even turned around and went back the exact way they came- without even realizing it!)


Humans work off a system of Action, Feedback and Response

We use anchor points to help us plot a path, and then make minor course corrections.

You wouldn’t think it would make a big deal right?

But without a guide point to anchor us, we start second guessing decisions and suddenly we’re wandering in circles…

What does this have to do with content?

Oh so much…

Without a clear end goal, you can never get to where you want to be.


Without a process or a plan to get there, you’ll keep wandering in circles just like those test subjects.

You have to have direction.

A roadmap to take you from a, to b, to c and beyond

You have to know what action to take, and what mistakes to dodge.

You need a process to help stop you second guessing and course correcting in circles. Otherwise your content will never really get the results that you’ve been craving.

Instead time will pass and you’ll look up and find you’re not far off from where you started.

Let us help you get you to where you want to be…

The Amplify Content Academy is our step-by-step content creation and promotion program.

Its designed to help you side-step these mistakes, so that you can create and leverage highly effective content that drives traffic and grows your audience.

Its not just any old course…

Its an indepth system to help you step off the content hamster wheel, and instead create assets that help your business for years to come.


You start with a content idea and end up with a fully promoted, email capturing, traffic generating article by the end


It’ll even help you step away and still get traffic, without feeling like you’ll starve if you don’t create new stuff that week!

  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Easy to follow lessons with checklists, videos and step-by-step guides
  • Personal consulting so no more ‘what if’s’

The Academy training is based off fundamental principles and strategies that are designed to work long term.

No more 5 minute hacks or clickbait.

Instead we use psychology and direct response methods to get people to sit up, and take action- and then apply it to content marketing.


Because new platforms can come and go, but the principles remain the same.

We break each of them down, and show you how to apply them to every part of the writing and promotion process:

-Actionable Lessons
-Follow Along Guides
-No Hacks Or Gimmicks
-No More Guesswork
-No more reading surface level list posts or random podcasts

Simply follow the training, and get results…

How Is The Amplify Content Academy Different?

Amplify is the first content marketing program to not just focus on ‘how to write content‘.

That’s the easy part.

We care about the PROMOTION and marketing of that content, so it actually gets you traffic and leads…


By focusing on 3 primary goals:

#1 How To Create EFFECTIVE Content That Drives Actions

Sure we’ll teach you how to write easier, faster and more effectively than ever before- but most importantly?

We’ll teach how to create content that converts.

Content that gets leads, links and sales.

That gets your audience to say “How am I only just finding this site?...”

That gets them to take action.


Content so good that people try to steal you for their own company!

Why care?

Because the better your content performs- the less traffic you need to get results.


Because suddenly its doing twice the work it was before… or more.

(Doubling your conversions is the same result as doubling your traffic)

Even better?

We don’t just stop there…

#2 How To Get Traffic From Day ONE Of Publishing

Most people focus on traffic methods that take a while to kick in, and nothing else.

Not here.

We’ll show you how to get traffic to your content from day ONE of publishing it.

That’s right- no more waiting for results to trickle in.

Even better still?

We’ll teach you how to ‘trade up the chain’ and build traction, so you can leverage new opportunities. This way you’ll see an ROI faster than ever before.

No more waiting weeks before you get traffic.

That’s not to say we’re against those other methods…

#3 How To Scale And Automate Your Growth

If you want to truly scale your audience- then you need to go deep with SEO and other promotion channels.

To get past those quick traffic spikes, until you get traffic that comes in day and night, consistently.

Even better?

You’ll learn how to get that traffic, even when you’re not there

Systems and processes that help you create long term growth that scales and builds on itself.

Better still?

You’ll learn how to create automated campaign’s that help you find new people who don’t even know about you yet.

Ongoing traffic long after you wrote the article.

And I know it sounds scary but its actually quite easy

Especially when you have people who are in the trenches with you to guide you along the way…

Inside The Amplify Content Academy

The Amplify Academy features indepth training video’s, coursework, case studies, examples, templates, worksheets and more.

All recorded, transcribed and downloadable in multiple formats for you to access and use, where ever you are.

There is a LOT of good stuff in here, so lets break it all down…

(To Help You Achieve Larger Goals)

Want to do content marketing effectively?

Well the truth is, there’s a lot of smaller parts to take into consideration.

It’s more than just the look of an article, or how good your headline is. You want it to bring people in, get links, convert customers etc.

And so to make your life easier, we’ve created 3 core roadmaps for you.

Paths to take you from a to b to c.

They walk you step-by-step through larger goals, so that you don’t miss anything…

Roadmap #1: Content Creation
From First Idea To Published Article

The goal of this roadmap is to take you from an initial article idea, to a finished, polished, published piece of content that’s ready to be promoted.

It covers:

  • How to find content ideas
  • The 9 Content Archetypes (with templates) to speed up your writing, and structure
  • How to choose your article topic, and why
  • Researching the subject to stand out against competitors
  • Your 30 minute first draft
  • Editing for appearance, layout, design and flow. First impressions count and you want readers to see you as an authority in your space.
  • Editing the article for Copywriting, so that it connects with your audience and keeps their attention. Everything from headlines, subheads, intros and more- so that you pull them down the page.
  • Editing for SEO and Search Engines. All the steps to take so that you appear in Google for your article topic, without ruining your content or writing for machines.
  • Editing for conversion. Every article should have a call to action- a way of changing the relationship with the reader and get them closer to becoming a customer. And so we show you how to convert more of your readers than every before.

By this point the article is finished and ready to be promoted!

And so we show you how to promote it also…

Roadmap #2: Article Promotion Path.
(How To Promote Your Content At Launch + Ongoing)

There are a lot of promotion channels out there.

We’ve mentioned before that each have their strengths and weaknesses right?

  • Ads are great but they stop when the budget runs out.
  • SEO is free traffic, but it takes months to kick in.

And so that’s why you need to use other channels to support them.

To not only remove any weaknesses, but to take advantage of each channels strengths.

In this roadmap we walk you through an indepth process to start promoting your article and get traffic on Day #1, as well as ongoing traffic in the future.

We breakdown each promotion method, when to do it, why, and how.

We cover:

  • How to work with influencers for FREE so that you can get immediate traffic and authority when you launch your article. These people already have your ideal audience and so we show you how to get infront of them, and build up powerful referral traffic.
  • How to leverage forums to attract press, traffic and an audience. Most people mess up with forums and get banned- we get traffic and we show you how to do this systematically.
  • How to start running paid ads to your content, at a profit. We cover a number of methods to start getting traffic from new people, without breaking the bank. We teach you how to understand what you can spend so you know you’re making money and not losing it.
  • How to scale your ads and grow even further. Rather than just show you how to run an ad to your article, we now break down how to scale that paid audience while still making money. Why care? Because once you can do this, you can now grow like crazy.
  • How to start promoting your content to build traffic and backlinks. We walk you through 9 different methods to build backlinks to your content so that you start to get free traffic in Google. This means free traffic that’s often worth thousands in equivalent paid ads. Better still? You’re building out new traffic channels to make yourself future proof.
  • How to create links for SEO. Rather than just focusing on outreach methods, we show you how to actually create links back to your content. We dive deep into guest posting on major publications, and how to become a podcast guest to build massive traction.

Pretty cool right?

With this roadmap you have a step-by -step process to drive traffic to every article that you write.

Better still?

This roadmap is just covering a few promotion channels, so that you can get a result.

Want to scale it up even further?

We cover other promotion methods in the traffic library, but more on that soon…

Roadmap #3: Your 12 Month Content Plan

Most websites suffer from missing content.

Not ‘articles’ as such, but pieces of content that they need to hit certain strategic goals.

And so they either:

  • Get sales but no real traffic (the ads focused peeps)
  • Get traffic but no real sales (the SEO people), or worse.
  • They struggle to get traffic or sales.

The goal of this roadmap is to help you fill in those missing assets to make your site far more effective.

We cover:

  • How to automate your sales process. We walk you through how to research and write a series of content that’s designed to both get traffic, and convert your coldest readers into customers. This series helps get them to your offer, get them ready for it and understand why they need it AND want to buy it. Most sites only convert 2% of their audience into customers, because they miss these elements.
  • How to improve that process to convert more of your audience into customers. No sales method is perfect, but we can always refine it. Now that you have a sales process in place, we walk you through how to improve it to convert other sections of your audience.
  • How to create a content series for traffic and authority. Now that you have sales, we walk you through how to plan out, write and promote the next 5-8 articles on your site. This helps people see you as the go to site for your topic, and builds up your rankings and audience.
  • Finally we get strategic. Every article can get SEO traffic, but some articles can totally skew your rankings. That’s the final goal for this plan. We show you how to find, write and promote a data backed guide that skews your SEO rankings and lifts up the traffic of every other article on your website…

So there you have it.

3 Roadmaps that cover incredibly important parts if your content marketing journey, and turn them into actionable step-by-step processes for you to follow.

These alone could be worth thousands of dollars, but we don’t end there…

Training Libraries
(A Content Marketing ‘Netflix’ To Supplement Your Efforts)

We mentioned this before, but the Amplify Academy is not just used by you…

We actually use it for our own internal staff training.

This means that when we test out new methods and create training for ourselves, we then go ahead and add it into the academy as a bonus!

So rather than just the core roadmaps, you also get a buffet of additional training to supplement your marketing that’s being added to on an ongoing basis.

  • Maybe it’s an update.
  • Maybe its a new promotion method or channel.
  • Or maybe you just want to access one of the smaller courses that we feature in the roadmaps?

If it works for us, then we add it into the libraries so you can use it also!…

Library #1: How To Sell With Content

In this library we break down a number of methods of how to use your content to make money.

We cover (or are creating soon):

  • How to write pre-frame sales sequences– including content templates.
  • How to write an effective sales page that sells without you being there.
  • How to track conversions and sales
  • How to onboard trials into customers
  • How to further improve your offer, by interacting with the non buyers on automation
  • How to monetize your traffic with affiliate offers
  • How to set up your own affiliate program to get referral sales and backlinks

Pretty cool right?

Well that’s not the only library we have for you!…

Library #2: Content Creation

The goal of this library is to help you create, improve or outsource your content creation on multiple channels.

We cover (or are creating soon):

  • How to find content ideas for your audience, influencers and search engines.
  • The 9 content archetypes and their templates, so you can simply follow along and write effective content.
  • Editing for appearance mini course. The 5 steps we follow to help your content make you look like an instant authority.
  • Editing copywriting mini course. The 6 copywriting methods that we use to pull our readers in, create an emotional connection and get them invested in your content.
  • Editing for SEO mini course. The 7-step process that we follow to make sure that every article is found in Google, so that its able to get traffic once we start to build backlinks. (You’ll be surprised how many articles are out there with backlinks but Google has no idea what they are about, and so can’t refer them to people)
  • Editing For Lead Capture master class. The 11 step process that we follow to make every article a conversion machine. Most articles convert less than 2% of their readers into subscribers, but this method converts between 10-83% of our readers!…
  • How to create a content ‘style guide’ so that every article fits your brand. This helps your message resonate, and helps for editing guest authors.
  • How to design custom images for your content, to improve their appearance and help your articles stand out.
  • How to outsource image design to 3rd parties. How to find them, connect, build a brief and get your designs made.
  • How to outsource content creation, so you can find freelancers to write for you.
  • How to find influencers to write for you– so they send their audience to your site.
  • How to create video content for ads, explainers and more.
  • How to design custom pages for whitepapers and ultimate guides
  • How to research and create a data backed guide (whitepaper)

Pretty epic right?

A whole heap of training to help you improve your content, but it still doesn’t end there…

Library #3: Traffic + Promotion

You already know that you need to promote content if you want to scale our results right?

And so we have an entire library based on either promoting your content, or ways to drive traffic to your site.

We cover (or are creating soon):

  • How To Run SEO Split tests + Improve Your SERP CTR (so that you not only rank, but you get more clicks from people who find you in Google)
  • How To Leverage Old Content, With Automated Social Sharing
  • Paid Advertising FUNDAMENTALS. How paid ads work, how to understand your business numbers, learn what you can afford to pay for a customer and still make money, and much more.
  • Keyword Research Deep Dive. Tips and tactics to find high traffic, low competition terms for your content.
  • How To Track Keywords. What gets measured, gets managed. We show you how to track your rankings to see your progress.
  • Linkbuilding Methods Deep Dive. We break down 13 ways to promote your content, so that people link to it, and it gets more traffic. All step-by-step, with examples.
  • How To Pitch Press + Journalists. How to find press that want to talk about your subject, and pitch them your ideas for free traffic.
  • Guest Posting For Links + Traffic. Sometimes you just have to go out and create backlinks, and one of the easiest ways? Is to find powerful sites who have your audience, and write for them. This gets you traffic, links and authority- and we break it all down from the pitch, to writing, editing and more.
  • How To Be A Featured Contributor On Major Publications. Another great way to build authority and get easy links, is to get content featured on major news publications in your industry. We don’t want to build a news site, but we can leverage them for a short while and get traffic.
  • Facebook Ads Deep Dive. We break down a number of techniques to get traffic, test ads, and start running campaigns to promote your content at a profit. Not only that, we show you how to bring back previous readers and convert them into subscribers and customers.
  • Facebook Ads: Scaling Your Ad Spend and still staying profitable.
  • Twitter Ads Deep Dive + Scaling. We break down a new paid traffic channel that you might not have used yet, how to run on it, test it and scale if its profitable for you.
  • Instagram Ads Deep Dive + Scaling. Although owned and run by Facebook, instagram ads and audience require different techniques and angles. We walk you through how to promote your content on there for easy traffic at a profit.
  • Youtube Ads Deep Dive + Scaling. One of the largest traffic channels, with consistently low costs. We run you through how to set it up, write an ad, record the video, test it and make a profit!
  • How To Grow Your Organic Traffic With Youtube Content. We don’t just have to pay for traffic on Youtube- we can repurpose content there and drive people back to our site, and we show you how.
  • Forum Marketing For Traffic + Promotion (Organic). We walk you through how to interact in forums, how to build authority and expertise, how to drive traffic to you and more.
  • Paid Forum Promotion: How To Run Ads In Forums For Traffic. Forums are a fishing pond of your warmest audience members, and we can pay to be infront of them- we show you how.
  • How To Use Paid Content Curation Channels For Traffic + Promotion. Outbrain, Taboola and other sites will allow you to promote your content in their sidebar and at the end of other articles. The traffic is cheap, and we show you how to run content with them. The common mistakes and how to bypass them.
  • Google Ads Deep Dive + Scaling. Everything from showing an ad to when people search, to interest based targeting and more.
  • Content Syndication + Republishing. How to get your content republished on larger sites, so that they drive traffic back to you. The best part? You don’t even have to write anything new!
  • Organic Influencer Marketing. How to attract and work with influencers who have your audience, so that they share, link and refer to you.
  • Paid Influencer Marketing. How to find and pay influencers for traffic campaigns and sponsored content.
  • Paid Content Promotion Groups. How to find promotion groups that cause ‘virality’ and create bursts of shares of your content, for a nominal fee.
  • Podcast Sponsorship For Traffic, Links + Authority. How to find podcasts, write ads and get traffic and links.
  • Paid Email ‘Blasts’ : How To Find + Pay To Be Shared On Influencers Email Lists
  • How to pitch podcasts to be their guest, and grow your audience.
  • Outsourcing Linkbuilding. How to find freelancers and agencies to perform linkbuilding methods for your content.
  • How To Prune Weak Content, For Traffic Growth. Too much weak content actually lowers the rankings of your awesome articles! We show you how to prune down weak content, rewrite and reuse it, and shoot up the rankings.
  • Content Ranking Decay: What it is, And How To Resolve It.
  • How To Write A Kindle Book (For Free Lead Generation From Amazon). The Amazon book store is a HUGE traffic channel that you can leverage to drive cold leads to your content, even while making money from book sales!

Pretty cool right?

You can simply pick a traffic course and then start using it to promoting your content!

Better still?

We may be good at each channel, but we know some serious heavy hitters who have come onboard to share what they know…

Exclusive Expert Interviews

Want to see whats possible when you really dive deep?

I reached out to some of my friends in the industry.

Some you might know- others you won’t of heard of before. (And they keep it that way for a reason)

We’ve managed to get hold of experts who’ve done incredible things, and get results daily.

Some of these guys charge $10,000 dollars for a 1 hour consult, and we have them here for you for FREE.

Here’s a peak of who we have so far…

We have:

Expert Interview #1: Scaling Facebook Ads With Molly Pittman

Molly cut her teeth as the Vice President of Marketing for Digital Marketer.

During her time there?

She helped them scale from a brand new site to a BILLION dollar business.

A billion freaking dollars!

In this interview we get to chat Facebook advertising, scaling and paid content promotion…

Expert Interview #2: Incredible SEO Results With Keith Bresee

Then we have the SEO wizard Keith Bresee.

He breaks down exactly how he helped Dr. Axe go from 500,000 monthly visitors to 8.3 MILLION visitors per month

Not bad right?

Especially when you realise that the same traffic from Google ads, would cost them $9.3 million dollars!

(Keith has actually taken 4 companies to 10 million visitors a month now with these methods)

How’s that for free traffic eh?…

Expert Interview #3: Reddit Marketing For HUGE Traffic With Brian Swichkow

Next up is Marketing Genius and savant Brian Swichkow.

(You might remember him as the guy who pranked his roommate with retargeting ads?)

In this interview he talks how he sent 25 MILLION visitors from Reddit to his website, and the details behind forum marketing…

Expert Interview #4: Copywriting For Content Marketing With Kelvin Parker

Next up is a Copywriting for content masterclass with Kelvin Parker of CTO Marketing.

Kelvin is an underground legend, literally.

He’s written Million dollar sales pages, and ghost written for the likes of Jay Abraham and more.

In this interview we chat about how you can use copywriting methods to improve your content results, drive more clicks, optins and sales…

Expert Interview #5: How To Leverage The Press And Build Influence, With Josh Elledge

Josh is a PR, Press and Media boss

He leverages other companies platforms to build huge influence and attention.

From guest speaking on 200+ podcasts, being a syndicated journalist for 9 million readers, or being a featured expert on 3 TV News networks…

Fun fact?

He grew his previous business to $6 MILLION in sales, with only $500 spent on ads… all from working with the press and media.

(Oh and he also used to run PR for Tony Robbins, so you know hes legit!)

Expert Interview #6: How To Use Emotion In Content To Drive HUGE Traffic And Shares With Aaron Orendorf

Finally we have a writing and promotion masterclass with Aaron Orendorf, Former Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus

When I say that Aaron’s content is incredibly successful, that’s putting it mildly…

In fact?

Its often the highest shared content on EVERY site he writes for!

Which is not bad when you consider these are sites like Mashable, Entrepreneur and more.

You can listen in as he walks through the research process he uses to build emotion that drives high performing content…

Monthly Live Q + A Calls

Have any questions that need answering?

Or maybe you need some further advice that’s unique to your situation?

Or perhaps you just want to say hi?

Every month we record a live Q +A call where we answer members questions and help break down any issues they might be facing.

Better still?

You can go back and watch all the previous Q + A calls and gleam them for nuggets of awesome information!

Pretty cool right?

But what if you need an answer sooner?…

The Amplify Academy Private Community

It can be difficult going it alone right?

And sure you can ask me and my team questions, but sometimes you just need to be able to talk to people on the same wavelength as you

People struggling with the same issues or even having the same goals.

This way it can help hold you accountable

(And stop you from going mad from loneliness!)

Once you join the Academy you get direct access to our community of people who are just like you…

Freelancers, agencies, small business owners and more- all using content to grow and improve.

There are all in here doing the work and eager to share their progress with you, and help support you with their own experiences.

And because we know how distracting social media can be?

We’ve built this community as a private forum away from distractions and notifications. That way you can come along, ask a question and then get back to work and not have to scroll through your Facebook News feed for 25 minutes!

Meet Your Teachers

Hey I’m Daniel Daines-Hutt, the Co-Founder of Ampmycontent and the founder of the Amplify Content Academy.

I usually write about paid advertising, psychology and other such nerdy things.

I practice a very specific type of marketing called ‘Direct Response’.

It sounds cool but all it means?

#1: We use psychology to make sure that a reader takes an action.


#2: We use math to make sure that the action is profitable.

You probably found us via one of my adverts taking you to one of our articles right?

(I’m a big fan of paid promotion because it means we can scale out to new readers and customers, without being there writing anything new)

In fact at the time of writing this?

For every $1 we spend on promoting our articles, we make around $22 in return…

Not bad eh?

As you can see I’ve been using content to actually grow my business and get some incredible results.

Better still?

I’m here to share those systems and processes with you, so that you can follow along and create, edit, convert, promote and scale your audience- all without having to second guess.

I’ve been lucky enough to teach some great students for a while now, and I’m proud of their progress

But I didn’t do it all alone.

In fact before I share those systems, let me introduce you to Freyja…

The Brains Behind The Content

Hey I’m Freyja Spaven.

I’m the head of content for a major software company, where I specialize in content growth and lead generation.

Writing for tech can be sometimes… difficult.

But in the past 14 months we’ve gone from 30,000 visits a month to 240,000 monthly visitors and growing.

That means we get a brand new reader to our site, every 5 minutes, day or night… and all for free.

Pretty crazy right?

Tech is not the easiest topic to get people excited about, and yet my content is often the highest traffic, highest shared and highest optins on each site I write for.

Writing isn’t hard when you can tick the right boxes-even in difficult or *dry* fields.

You just have to know which boxes to tick…


Case Study #2: Meet Thorstein, The Inbound Agency Owner Who Increased His Leads By Over 320%…

Thorstein is the CEO and Founder of Nettly.no, an Inbound Marketing agency based in Norway

After joining the Amplify Content Academy, he dived in head first and started get work done!

His very first article helped him see an increase in leads by around 320% – just on day 1 of publishing!

That’s not bad when you realize those leads are from the CTO’s of Enterprise companies…

Even better?

Each sale is worth upwards of 6 Figures, so as you can guess- he’s pretty pumped with his result!

We asked him to share his experience with you so far…


Case Study #3: Meet Viv, The Social Media Mastermind Who Uses Content Marketing To Grow Her Audience And Traffic

Viv is the Co-Founder of Ace The Gram, an Instagram marketing company.

Shes no slouch when it comes to marketing and growth- with over 500,000 social media followers across multiple accounts and businesses.

The only problem with social media?

The rules of what you can and can’t do change often…


People’s business accounts get deleted and they lose their audience overnight.

Viv joined the Amplify Academy so that she could start creating long term assets that she could control.

Because that’s the beauty of content.

Once its created, you own it outright.

New channels can come and go, but if you can attract an audience and build your email list, then you can continue to grow.

We asked Viv to share a few words with you about her experience at Amplify…

How Much Does It Cost?

Lets be honest here:

The key to success in business or life, comes down to the questions you are willing to ask yourself.

A lot of people will be thinking ”Well how much does this cost?

If I’m honest?

Less than what you spend on coffee, but that’s not the right question.

The question should be “What’s the cost of me not getting this?…

Because if you want to change where you are right now?

Then you need to change the actions you’re taking, and as I see it you have 3 options…

Option #1: Hire a content writing AND promotion agency

Its super rare to find an agency that both writes and promotes content effectively.

(And so their price reflects that)

How much?

Usually $1k+ per article, not including promotion fee or ad budget.

All in?

Usually around $3k or more per article with outreach and linkbuilding, or as high as $10k per article, if they know how to run paid traffic to it also…

Option #2: Keep doing what you’re doing and try and figure it all out

Don’t get me wrong.

We started out like this too, but it took us YEARS and tens of thousands of dollars to figure it all out.

It wasn’t an easy journey to take and if I’m honest?

Those first few years we were not really going anywhere.

It was frustrating, lonely and you start second guessing why you even started…

Option #3: Sidestep the learning curve and join the Amplify Content Academy

Are you ready to spend your time on the right tasks?

To ignore the garbage that wont move you forward?

To get rid of ‘what if’ and spinning your wheels…

To write easier and more effectively.

To finally get traffic for your own business (Or get your boss off your back about content results)

To get to the point where traffic comes in if you’re at the office or not?

The choice is yours…


Join Today And Keep Your Price For Life

So here’s the deal…

The worlds a pretty crazy place right now, and so I want to help you out.

Originally you could only join the Academy for the lifetime price of $2,370, which I’ll be honest, is a bargain for the value, benefit and information.

You pay the fee and get lifetime access to this edition and all new updates.

(Which is not bad considering how much new content we’ve been adding and updating)

I’m not stupid though…

I know a lot of people have been affected by Covid-19 and its after effects, and so I want to pay it forward.

That’s why we’re offering access to the Amplify Content Academy for just $37 a month right now. (That’s around $1.20 a day)

Better still?

As long as you stay a member, that’s all you’ll pay for life.

In around 6 month’s we’ll be raising the price back to $97 a month, but you’ll stay at the current rate.

It’s our small way of helping you out.

And better still?

You can join today with our money back guarantee…

My Unbeatable Guarantee:
Try The Amplify Content Academy For A Full 30 Days, 100% Risk Free

Yep a full 30 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

When you invest in this training you are fully backed by our iron clad guarantee.

If you go through the course, do the work and don’t get the results then let me know and you have 30 days to request your money back from your initial payment.

No joke.

No weird tricks or having to call France or somewhere to cancel and being put on hold for 30 minutes…

Just email us and we’ll sort it out the refund for you.

Even easier?

You can cancel or pause your account in just 3 clicks in your account section.

Why Are We So Lenient With This?

Simply because we know it works.

It works for us, and it works for the other members already enrolled.

(We’ve had members 5x their optin rates and 30x their traffic…)

Is The Amplify Content Academy Right For You?

Here’s the thing:

Because we follow the same principles as we teach, we get a lot of traffic and leads each month.

This means that we can be selective about WHO we choose to work with.

Rather than get everyone in, and deal with a lot of tire kickers and ‘shelf helper’s’, we want to work with action takers.

Those who are committed to doing the work and seeing the change they want to happen.

Everything in life and marketing takes effort- we’re just showing you were to apply that more effectively so that you get far better results.

Please read these rules carefully

The Amplify Content Academy is NOT for you if…

  • This is NOT for you if you’re looking for some easy button, shiny object, magic bullet.

    There are no hacks here. This takes time and effort but ironically is the fastest and easiest route to succeed and get traffic.

  • This is not for you IF you never take action.

    The entire training is designed to help you get over the common ‘what ifs’ and mistakes, but it ONLY works if you take the actions required…

  • This is not for you IF you sell spammy get rick quick schemes or products that would offend my Nan.

    If you have to ask, then you’re probably not the right business.

  • Sorry but this is NOT for you if you don’t have a website yet.

    Sure our methods will help you start off on the right foot, and we even talk about web design a little, but you have a few steps before then- get them done and come back to us.

  • This is NOT for you if you’re simply looking for motivation.

    Sure, nothing builds confidence and motivation more than taking action- but I care about your success more. I want you to spend your time 10% planning and 90% executing.
  • This is NOT for you if you have zero site visitors and expect to get 10,000 within 30 days.

    We can help get you to 10,000 visitors a month and higher- but it takes time, effort or budget to get there. You could run ads, or get shared by a huge influencer- but the key is to keep promoting until it gets that traffic consistently on its own.

The simple fact is that you HAVE to put in the work and follow the process…

The Amplify Content Academy IS RIGHT FOR YOU IF…

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your content.

    To spend time creating high value assets that help you grow.

  • You are willing to get off the content hamster wheel and put the effort where it works.

    Less volume, more depth and far more promotion-that’s how you get results.

  • You are looking for a system and not shiny hacks that work for a week.

    A process to follow from start to finish, for every new article that you write.

  • You are patient, willing to learn and to take action

    Trying new things is scary and takes effort. You’ll make far more mistakes as you grow- but its the mistakes that push you forward
    (And we’re there to guide you past them)

  • You are willing to bide your time, do the work and see the end result

Other people just like you have joined the Amplify Academy and seen results.

So the question is:

Are you ready to start creating content that can change your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done our best to answer any and all questions below.

Don’t see an answer to your question?

Simply click that red chat box in the corner of the page, and one of us will get back to you asap…

How does the Academy work?

The Amplify Content Academy is built around 2 core options:

  • Follow along ‘executable’ action plans called Roadmaps
  • And a ‘Netflix’ library of actionable supplementary content. We have multiple courses on content creation, selling and traffic generation.


So this way you can hit large goals and then improve on them.

As for pricing?

We sell the program as 3 options:

  • Either a 1 off lifetime purchase of $2370
  • Or yearly access at only $350 each year (saving around 25% off the monthly purchase)
  • Or monthly access at just $37 a month.

With the current state of C-19 affecting industry and jobs, we’re also offering this monthly rental at a far lower cost than usual.

Is this in person?
Do I need to travel or stay up late?

The entire program is online, available immediately.

You can download assets to read or watch at your leisure.

Is the course drip fed or do I get full access all at once?

You get full access, all on day one.

None of that waiting a month for new content silliness…

How much time does it take per week?

It all depends on how much time your willing to invest.

The full process Roadmaps from start to finish?

Well you could write an article in a week, and promote it for a few months (Roadmap 1+2)

Or you can follow our 12 month plan and make sure you have a more effective site that both attracts, converts and sells to your audience.

The time it takes all depends on what you want to do, and where and how much time you spend.

You can see results for as little as an hour a day, but that’s not the main thing to consider.

Our goal is to help you move away from spending time on things that don’t work, and use that time to work on the things that move the needle.

If all you can spare is 30 mins a week at first, then that’s fine.

As long as you stay a member, you have access so there is zero rush.

How much more is in the Academy VS what you share on the blog?

So much more.

Our content on the blog is just the tip of the iceberg, compared to what is inside the Academy

In fact?

There’s around 21+ hours of video content alone, along with templates, case studies, examples, process breakdowns, task sheets and much more

Does it cover writing, editing, or image creation for when writing content?

Everything that we use for our own site is included

The entire processes

From writing, editing, image design… if we do it for our business and content, then its included inside the Academy

Do I need to get any further tools to use the course?

There are a few tools we recommend.

Where possible they are free, some are cheap and others a low recurring fee.

We try to cut down to only the bare minimum, most important tools, and we only recommend them when you need them for a task.

That way you’re not paying for tools that you won’t use for months etc

Even better?

We’re haggling with the tool creators right now to try and get you a discounted price also.

Will the course be updated?


Because we use this for our own internal training, its updated as and when we find new tools or methods

In fact, its already been updated 4 times now thanks to user feedback.

It’s one of the main reasons that we’re now offering the membership version of the Academy. (That and because we keep adding in new training)

We listen to our audience- both customers and those who didn’t buy last time around.

People are struggling and they need help, so we’re making that happen and offering a lower membership fee, at a heavily discounted rate for the next few months.

That means you can get access to all current and upcoming training, as long as you stay a member.

Better still- you get ‘grandfathered in’ so you’ll always pay the same low price, for as long as you stay with us.

And if you buy a lifetime membership?

Well then you get lifetime access to all future updates, with no additional costs!

Will This Work If…

What if I don’t have any content yet?


This means you don’t have any bad habits AND it means we can show you where to start focusing your effort, right from day 1.

We can show you how to find content ideas, what to write and how to do it.

What makes this different to other courses on content marketing?

Ironically, we actually focus on the marketing aspect!

We don’t care about typos or rules about language- we care about results.

Far too many content marketing sites and programs focus on bizarre rules about language, but not on how to actually connect with the audience.

To get them to read and take action.

That’s our goal.

To show you how to create high converting content and then how to use effective promotion so that drives long term traffic.

I know we hint at promotion, but we really do deep dive.

Almost 70% of the training in the Academy is about promotion methods and channels, and how to use them as a comprehensive system.

Don’t get me wrong.

We have a whole HEAP of lessons teaching you how to write effectively, but I couldn’t care less about random writing rules.

I care about you, your results and your content doing its damn job.

How do I know if I’m ready?

Are you fed up of your content not working?

Are you ready to finally get traffic?

Can you follow along with step by step instructions, do the work and see the results?

Then you my friend, are ready 😀

How much help am I going to get?

When you join the Academy you have access to our exclusive community of members.

Each month we jump in with Q+A calls, behind the scenes videos and more.

Not only that?

But you can ask questions in the forum and get answers as soon as we see them, or be directed to where you need to be.

We’re here to help when needed, but we also pride ourselves on trying to create training that doesn’t need questions or what if’s.

We’re always improving it to make it easier to follow and understand 😀

How do I convince my partner to let me invest in this?

Hmm that’s difficult…

Everyone’s situation is different, but if you help break it down to them, where you are now, the path you are on, and the change it can make for both of you?

Then you should be all set!

But remember:

It never hurts to communicate.

And with the new membership plans, you can jump on for a lower price than ever before.

When can I expect to get traffic?

You should see higher conversions from your content almost immediately.

Then when you launch a post, you should start to see bursts of traffic far beyond your previous results.

After that you can build automation’s and systems for long term, ongoing traffic.

I need to get traffic ASAP will this help?

If you follow the process and do the work, you should see faster results than ever before.

But if you skim across and only shotgun approach it?

Then you’ll get a fraction of what you could if you put in the work 🙁

The truth of the matter is, that success in this stuff is the sum of multiple small parts.

What like?

Well its hard to promote content if it sucks right?

Or if you shotgun blast influencers and annoy 95% of them.

Or if you don’t even try to promote it!

But you’ll see far better results when you go through all of the training step by step, vs skimming it for a few things.

And due to legal reasons we can’t guarantee traffic results- as that would be madness and we can’t control what you do.

But if you can improve your content AND build systems of promotion, then its only a matter of time…

Is Amplify Right For Me If?…

I have a Physical Business but ship online- can Amplify help me get more traffic?

It sure can.

As long as you have an audience you want to attract online, and a method of selling to them?

Then the Amplify Academy can help you get more of those people to you.

All we’re doing here is simply helping you build that traffic to your site.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in…

I own a Service Business where I work locally and nationally– can Amplify help me get more traffic?


Even better?

By following the steps inside of the Amplify Academy, you’ll start to position yourself as an authority in your field

This means not only more traffic and customer requests, but you can start to collect the very best clients and customers available.

Soon you’ll be turning customers away, and being able to pick and choose who you work with…

I run a Software Company and we always want more traffic- can Amplify help me?

It sure can!

In fact, Freyja (Amplify Co-Founder) currently writes for the #1 Tech company in the country and has been frequently the #1 result in Hacker News.

Heck, she’s had content shared by Satya Nudella, the CEO of Microsoft and more.

These are the methods that she uses…

Not only will Amplify help you drive more traffic?

But with the archetypes and editing we recommend, you’ll see far higher conversions and more positive feedback from your audience.

If you mainly convert traffic into leads and then leads into trials- using Amplify will help you convert far more of your audience…

I already get ‘OK’ traffic- can Amplify help me get more?

Depends on your definition of ‘OK’

Chances are high that there’s some missing pieces in your puzzle and Amplify can help you fill them in.

Maybe its better organic results, higher click-through’s, more shares or leads?

If you can improve those things then you get the results of 10x the traffic right?

For Example:

Most websites convert 2% of their audience into leads

The methods we use start at 10% optin rate and higher

A 10x difference in conversion would be the same as 10x increase in traffic!

So not only can we help you get more traffic, but we can show you how to make all that traffic more effective…

No joke…

We have an interview with a buddy in the bonus section who took 3 SEO techniques and helped a business scale from 500,000 monthly visitors to 8.3 Million a month.

We use the EXACT same techniques (and more) to help scale up organic traffic.

No matter where you are in your business, we can help you…

What If…

Can I upgrade later if I buy the entry version?

Sure thing!

If you’re on a monthly membership, then you can upgrade to an annual membership with just a few clicks of a button.

You simply go into your account section inside the academy and click on ‘upgrade’.

The software will take into consideration any monthly payments you’ve made so far for that year, and then charge you accordingly.

Not bad right?

Not to mention that an annual membership is less than the price of 10 months vs 12!

How long do I get access for?

Forever, or until the robots become sentient and take over.

As long as you stay a member in good standing i.e you pay your bill, then you will continue to have access.

And don’t forget:

Lifetime members get access for life!

Can I buy just a section of the course?

We get this a lot, simply because the Academy could easily be 50 courses in one.

Unfortunately what most people don’t tell you, is you need it all working together to see success.


Because its pointless learning how to write better if no one reads your content.

Likewise, it makes no sense to run paid ads, if the content you send them to just doesn’t convert.

You need it all to succeed, which is why unfortunately no- you can’t buy separate parts of the program

You get it all because I want you to succeed…

Do you have a payment plan?

We sure do!

You can join on either a monthly or annual recurring plan, or you can buy a lifetime membership as a one time payment.

Do you have a discount if I pay in full?


If you pay for an annual membership, you get 12 months for less than the price of 10.

What if I try the Amplify Content Academy and decide it isn’t for me?

It would be a shame to lose you, but we do offer a full 30 day refund policy from your first purchase.

So if you buy a lifetime membership you have 30 days to get a full refund.

If you buy a monthly membership then you get 30 days for a refund, before the next month is billed.

After that we don’t refund ongoing payments, but you can cancel or pause at any time, and have access until the end of your billing period.

You simply click to cancel your subscription in the account section before 30 days is up, and then request a refund with the email provided on the account page.

Its as easy as 2 clicks and an email!

What if I need 1 on 1 help?

We record live monthly Q+ A Calls, and we also provide support via our forum.

If you want to pay for 1 on 1 consulting then we have a booking page where you can book in 30 minute or 1 hour time slots with us.

Self Doubts And Fears…

I don’t want another thing on my list to do!

I totally get it, but the reality?

The only way to free up more time, is to stop doing the things that aren’t working

That’s our entire goal with Amplify, and its what we follow

  • “Where are the biggest levers for our time”?
  • “What gets the best return?”
  • “If I take this action can it generate $100k per year, after time invested?”

Because no joke?

We have single articles that generate that much traffic and sales for us.

All because we spend our time writing and promoting them.

Don’t think of it as adding to your to do list.

Think of it as finally a way to get away from the things that are wasting your time…

What if I get left behind?
Can I work through at my own pace?

Work as and when you can.

There’s no race with anyone else- its all bout moving forward step by step.

And because the program has follow along Roadmaps?

It means you can drop in for 30 minutes and still progress each day…

What if I just can’t seem to find the motivation?

Motivation is for beginners.

Professionals use systems to leverage the best results. They follow a path that takes action and creates habits.

That’s how you get traffic.

Its not how many hours you put in… its what you do with the few hours that you have!

Everything in the Amplify Academy is designed for you to simply log in, do the next task, and move closer to your goal.

There’s no overthinking, second guessing or procrastination, because you just do the task in front of you.

We tell you what it is, why you need it and how to do it.

Then you simply take the action.

And before long?

That momentum stacks up again and again…

What if my situation is incredibly unique and nothing can help me?

Honestly it isn’t.

It may feel like it is, and you may stuck and feeling like nothing can help.

But usually this is just 2 things:

  1. Either you’re so tired and invested in the business and how it is right now, that you think nothing can help you, and so you can’t step away from the problem.
  2. Or you’re simply looking for excuses why you shouldn’t take action because you’re scared

Its like Tony Robbins says

“Entrepreneurs say they’re stressed, but really they mean scared”

There is always a way through it.

People just like you has got through this, and got the results that you want. Not with excuses but with actions

If they can do it, then its proof anyone else can also right?

If you are one of those people who has 101 different excuses and special cases then chances are that this won’t help you

Not because the methods don’t work, but because you’re not in the right place right now.

But if you’re ready to get through it?

Then we can help you succeed…

Case Study #4: Meet Scott, The Brand New Amplify Academy Member…

Scott is the CEO and founder of Traverses.

Its a b2b company that helps provide conflict resolution to team management.

2 interesting things about Scott?

Thing #1:

He’s an American based in France, but gets clients all over the world.

Thing #2:

He’s a brand new member of the Amplify Content Academy!

This means he has a very unique perspective.

So rather than just share ‘success stories’, we wanted to share Scott’s perspective as a brand new member

The worries and fears he had, and the progress that he’s made so far…

All You Need To Do Now, Is Choose To Take Action…

And remember that you’re backed by our iron clad 30 day guarantee.

If I’m honest?

I don’t want to have to give you a refund.

Not because of the money, but because I would rather see you succeed and run through the content and change your business…

But join the Amplify Content Academy today, try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it simply email us before day 31 and show us you did the work, and we’ll get a refund to you asap.

Its as simple as that.

Don’t be in the same place next year, as you are right now

Make the choice

Make sure that your no longer just ‘doing content’ for the sake of it

Get your content to finally work for you…